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Thank you for visiting HawksbillFineArt.com the dedicated site of David Dancey-Wood. We apologise for the lack of updates throughout the past 2 years and hope that from now on we can keep you more up to date.

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'A Special Thankyou for all those who supported David throughout 2009'

We all know we are currently going through a recession but hopefully we are finally seeing a light at the end of a tunnel. Fortunately for David sales of fine art prints have not been hit as hard as many thought they would be with 2009 being a very good year for Hawksbill Fine Art. After two very successful shows at the end of 2009 we saw the sales of prints and originals carry on as strong as they ever were. Both 'The Picture Framing Gallery of Eastleigh' and 'Bianco Giglio Gallery' put on wonderful exhibitions with a great turn out from many new collectors, fans and supporters also of course it was good to see the loyal familiar faces we have seen for years. David hopes to do more exhibitions at both these venues in the future including 2010 along with a few other appearances in-between.

'Talks and Lectures'

Many of you will be aware that David has always given talks and presentations at societies and institutions across the country since the beginning of his career many years ago. Despite taking a break from this for a few years we saw his return to this throughout 2009 with many great presentations across the south of England. Thankyou for all those of you who turned out (some venues were at bursting point), again we hope to keep you posted on future talks throughout 2010.

'New Releases'

We always wait for reactions to new drawings at exhibitions before we make the decision to release them as limited edition prints. In 2009 we saw a terrific reaction to David's new drawing of a Pangolin and its baby, due to this overwhelming response we have decided that sometime in the first half of 2010 this will be released as a limited edition giclee. Together with this we shall see the release of a small a pair of Poison Arrow Frogs entitled 'Jungle Jewels' as a 295 litho edition.



Having had a really busy year here at Hawksbill we found it often easy to neglect our website. We would like to apologise to those of you who regularly check in with us for not keeping on top of this as we know how frustrating this can be. Although we hope to do better with this in the future some of you may find from time to time if you require a more up to date picture of what David is up to you might want to check out his blog www.blog.wildlife-sketches.com . On this site you can not only keep up with David's thoughts, drawings, ideas and plans but also find that it is a wealth of information on wildlife and general news about ecological issues around the planet. We now have many contributors from all over the globe making this a very successful site for nature lovers worldwide.*

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